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Monodevelop project macros

In Visual Studio you can use macros like $(SolutionName) in *.csproj file. The full list of macros you can find in MSDN. Monodevelop also has got the macros, but the list differs from MSDN. Here is the list of the project macros I've found in Monodevelop sources. It's actual for Monodevelop 5.8, in future version the list can be changed.

  • ProjectFile
  • ProjectConfig
  • ProjectConfigName
  • ProjectConfigPlat
  • TargetPath
  • TargetFile
  • TargetName
  • TargetDir
  • TargetExt
  • ProjectName
  • ProjectDir
  • AuthorName
  • AuthorEmail
  • AuthorCopyright
  • AuthorCompany
  • AuthorTrademark
  • SolutionFile
  • SolutionName
  • SolutionDir

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